12 Free Storage Shed Plans

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This detailed article is about 12 free storage shed plans. If you need a shelter for your tools and outdoor furniture, you should consider these projects. We have selected the best storage shed plans on the internet. All the plans are absolutely free, so you have to spend money only on materials. Some plans even come with real projects that are built from the instructions, so it is a double win.

If you need a place in your garden where you can store your tools and other items, you should consider building a shed. However, finding the right plans that are also free is a struggle. We have selected the best 12 garden shed plans, starting with the basic projects that cost under 100$ , up to the large sheds. All the plans are attentively selected, so that you don’t have to worry about that.






1. Generator Shed



The first project is about a simple lean to shed that is ideal for a generator. This small 4×4 shed is extremely sturdy and durable. It features a large front door and a lean to roof. The free plans come with detailed diagrams and instructions, as well with a cut list. You can make adjustments to the size and design of the shed to suit your needs. See HERE step by step instructions for building the shed. 


2. Tool Shed



If you need a small tool shed with a gable roof, that also has a nice design, you should take a look over the plans. The 2×4 shed features two front large door and under-roof storage space. You can easily adjust the height of the shed and add storage shelves, if you want to create more space for your tools. See step by step instructions, diagrams, as well as easy to a follow cut list. MORE >>


3. 2×4 Lean to Shed



A variation of the previous project is to make it taller and with a lean to roof. This 2×4 shed is extremely easy to build and it also features large front doors for easy access to the storage shelves. This shed has a sturdy structure and it is spacious enough to store all your tools, if you have a common-sized household. MORE >>


4. 4×8 Shed



A 4×8 shed is another option you have for your home. If you backyard is narrow, you should consider building this extremely sturdy shed that also features a neat design. The large front door helps you to have a quick access to the interior of the shed. The floor is protected from moisture because of the 4×4 skids placed under the shed. The free plans come with detailed diagrams and simple instructions, as well as with a complete cut list. MORE >>


5. 6×6 Shed



If you want to build a small 6×6 shed with a gable roof that doesn’t require complex woodworking skills, you should really take a look over these plans. The roof has a low slope, so you should make adjustments if you live in an area with heavy precipitations. The shed features a narrow door, so if you are planning on storing large items you should take a look over the next plans. The free plans come with complete instructions, diagrams and a cut list. MORE >>


6. 8×8 shed



This 8×8 shed is a great compromise between storage space, costs and design. The shed features a gable roof and has a large access door placed at the front. You can easily make modifications to the structure. The walls are made from 2×4 studs, so you will know this is a durable and sturdy construction. The plans are free and very detailed. MORE >>


7. Saltbox shed



This 8×10 shed has a saltbox roof. If you are looking for an unique project for your backyard that combines utility with design, you should check these plans. The shed has a large front door and the plans are really detailed. MORE >>


8. 8×12 Barn Shed


Gambrel shed plans

This 12 shed plans list wouldn’t be complete without a few barn sheds. Therefore, the first shed with a gambrel roof is 8×12, therefore providing significant storage space. While the roof requires more materials and time to get it done, the barn shed compensated the extra-effort by providing a distinctive look. The plans are well-detailed and come with easy to follow diagrams and a complete cut list. MORE >>


9. Barn shed with loft


How to build a barn shed

A similar project to the previous one is the above shed. The only differences are that it features a loft and generous front and back overhangs. Make sure you follow all the instructions and get the necessary permits before building this shed in your garden. MORE >>


10. 10×12 Barn Shed



This 10×12 barn shed isn’t as tall as the previous projects, so you can’t add a loft for more storage space. However, it features a pleasant design and generous storage space. The skids placed under the floor protect the shed from moisture and the overall structure is really sturdy. The plans are really good and come with detailed instructions and a complete cut list. MORE >>


11. 12×16 Shed


Build a 12×16 shed

If you want a more conservative approach, but that still offers a lot of space for your items, we recommend you to take a look over this project. This 12×16 gable shed is easy to build and it has some nice features, such as the double door and the window. The shed also has overhangs to protect it from water damage. The plans come with detailed instructions and step by step diagrams. MORE >>


12. 16×20 Pole barn



The last project is about a 16×20 pole barn. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple construction, while keeping the costs under control, you should really consider this alternative. The pole barn has a gable roof and features a large front opening. The plans are well documented, detailed and come with a cut list. MORE >>



This woodworking project was about 12 free shed plans. If you want to see more garden plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. LIKE us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest updates and submit pictures with your DIY projects.


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